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Our IBI exams are content validated. This means that the content of the Assessment Exam Tests for the knowledge, skills and abilities required by an applicant upon entry into the position.

We have subject matter experts rate the composite position description to determine what areas are needed upon entry and which areas can be trained. From this rating we also can determine which areas we need to test on and which areas we need to put the most emphasis on in the exam.

Then, we form groups of subject matter experts to develop and review test questions. The groups generally consist of people who are at the level of the position or above or people who educate in the field.

After an exam is developed, we validate it using a sampling of people with similar education. Then, we review the performance of the questions through a statistical review. It shows us the correlation of question performance compared to applicant performance.

Adverse Impact analysis can also be done at this point. For our exams, our clients set passing points. In order to do an adverse impact study, you need to know where the passing point is set in order to calculate if the exam has an adverse impact on minorities or females, in order to comply with affirmative action recruitment and selection of people. We recommend our clients to use 70% as a passing point, so when we do an analysis that is generally the measure we use. We can assist a client with an adverse impact analysis if they request this. Generally, if there is an adverse impact shown through the analysis, it can be corrected through adjustment of the passing point to alleviate or lessen the impact.

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