Our online courses offer you the opportunity to study at IBI...wherever you are in the world. These intensive adult-learning courses are open to anyone with an interest in the topic and give you access to world-class learning led by IBI experts.
In each course IBI will provide a professor to answer your questions in Spanish, English and Portuguese.
IBI is Licenced by the Council of Education of Puerto Rico, United State of America. If you are interested in the near future in continuing a degree at IBI, you are able to applied to our Masters degree or Technical Cerificates and IBI will convalidate the credits&.

When you registry, you will receive a password, user name, instructions


On-Line Courses

BTBS800: Biochemistry (3 Credits)

BTBS810: Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology I (3 Credits)

BTBS812: Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology II (3 credits)

BTBS813: Molecular Biotechnology (3 Credits)

BTBS818: Forensic Biotechnology (3 Credits)

BTBS821: Bioestadística (3 Créditos)

BTBS828: Medical Devices (3 Credits)

BTBS829: Biotechnological Manufacture Facilities and Sanitization (3 Credits)

BTBS831: Plant Design & Engineering Biopharmaceutical (3 Credits)

BTBS833: Immunobiology (3 Credits)

BTBS835: Manufacturing Technology: Fermentation (3 Credits)

BTBS836: Manufacturing Technology: Mammalian Cell Culture (3 Credits)

BTBS839: Alcoholic Fermentation, Distillation and Aging (3 Credits)

BTBS840: Protein Biochemistry (3 Credits)

BTBS841: Peptide and Protein Design (3 Credits)

BTBS842: Industrial Biotechnology (3 Credits)

BTBS846: Manufacturing Technology: Protein Recovery and Purification (3 Credits)

BTBS848: Environmental Biotechnology (3 Credits)

BTBS850: Bioremediation (3 Credits)

BTBS851: Biotechnology in Industrial Wastewater Treatment (3 Credits)

BTBS852: Biotechnology of Solid Waste (3 Credits)

BTBS854: Special Topics in Bioremediation (3 Credits)

BTBS855: Topics in Nanobiotechnology (3 Credits)

BTBT661: Plant Biotechnology (3 Credits)

BTBT662: Topics in Marine Biotechnology (3 Credits)

BTBS863: Air Biotechnology (3 Credits)

BTBS866: Regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices in Biotechnologies (3 Credits)

BTBS867: Bioinformatics (3 Credits)

BTBS868: Validation (3 Credits)

MIBS826: Aseptic Techniques in the Biopharmaceutical Industries

Student* should send copy of School Identification Card in order to supplied User Name and Password to onlinecourses@ibipr.com
Group rate applies to two or more enrollments registering at the same time, from the same company, for the same course. This rate is per person. Tuition payable in US funds

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